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Corporate Partners:

Endurance Ride - 160KM
Challenge Ride - 90KM
event information



Arrival of participants

Participants to gather at designated starting area 

Safety briefing by Technical Team

CIMB Cycle - Endurance 160km flag off

CIMB Cycle - Challenge 90km flag off



Prize Giving Ceremony

The End

layout & parking


Categories & Prizes
Men's Elite
(All Elite Athletes)

Men’s Open
15 to 35 Yrs

Men's Junior Masters
 36 to 45 Yrs

Women's Open
 15 Yrs and above

Men’s Senior Master
 46yrs and above


RM2,000 + Plaque + Jersey

RM1,500 + Plaque + Jersey

RM1,300 + Plaque + Jersey

RM1,000 + Plaque + Jersey

RM800 + Plaque+

Men's Open

Women's Open

MTB Open

15yrs & above

RM1,000 + Plaque + Jersey

RM800 + Plaque

RM600 + Plaque

RM500 + Plaque

RM400 + Plaque

RM3,000 + Plaque + Team Jersey

RM2,000 + Plaque

RM1,000 + Plaque

Special Challenges (ENDURANCE RIDE ONLY)
King of the Mountain 1 (KOM 1)
RM500 + KOM Jersey

King of the Mountain 2 (KOM 2)
RM500 + KOM Jersey

RM500 + Sprinter Jersey

  • All individuals who successfully finish will receive an e-certificate and medal with timed results.
  • Prizes may be subject to change.
Race Pack
Endurance Ride - MPRO Jersey
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  • Racepack designs and items may be subject to change  

    Category: Men's Elite 19 Yrs And Above
    Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi

    Goh Choon Huat

    Mohd Shahrul Bin Mat Amin

    Anuar Bin Manan

    Muhamad Amer Ahmad Kamal
    Category: Men's Masters 35 Yrs And Above
    Raziff Jaafar

    Shahrin Bin Amir

    Mohd Zukri Tahir

    Amirul Aswandi Bin Amran

    Nur Affendy Rosli
    Category : Men's Open 15 Yrs To 34 Yrs
    Muhammad Khalid Bin Nasiruddin

    Muhamad Khuzairi Bin Abdul Bakar

    Abdul Halim Bin Hasan

    Mohd Razif Bin Mohd Salleh

    Amirol Amirsyam Bin Alif
    Category : Women's Open 15 Yrs And Above
    Nurul Suhada Zainal

    Nurul Alissa Bt Mohamad Azman

    Nur Azrenna Bt Ahmad Jumry

    Nurqadrina Emylia Binti Norzali

    Mariana Binti Mohammad
    Team Member
    Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG)
    Goh Choon Huat

    Mohd Shahrul Bin Mat Amin

    Anuar Bin Manan

    Mara-Erdene Patmunkh

    Mohamad Zulhilme Afif Bin Ahmad Zamri

    Che Ku Nazmie

    CIMB Pro Team
    Muhamad Nuraiman Bin Mohd Zariff

    Muhamad Afiq Huznie Bin Othman

    Mohd Nazri Bin Muhamad

    Muhammad Adiq Husainie Othman

    Raziff Jaafar

    Khalid Nasiruddin

    Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)
    Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi

    Nik Mohd Azwan Zulkifle

    Amir Mustafa Rusli

    Muhammad Farid Bin Razali

    Muhammad Elmi Jumari

    Nurul Suhada Zainal
    King of the Mountain 1 (KOM 1)
    Muhamad Nuraiman Bin Mohd Zariff

    King of the Mountain 2 (KOM 2)
    Mohd Zamri Bin Salleh

    Sprint 1
    Anuar Bin Manan

    Sprint 2
    Anuar Bin Manan
    Category: Men & Women 12 Yrs And Above
    Nik Mazlan Bin Nik Lah

    Mohd Azwan Bin Anuar

    Ishraf Bin Izad

    Leow Hoay Sim Uracca

    Shaziela Binti Mohd Nor
Regulations, Safety, Terms & Conditions
    CIMB CYCLE 2018 (“Event”) is owned and sponsored by CIMB BANK BERHAD (“CBB”), a subsidiary of CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (“CIMB”) , and organized by CYCLOMOTION SDN BHD (the “Event Organizer”).

    1.These general rules and regulations are applicable to all CIMB CYCLE 2018 participants. The participants agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about himself / herself and hereby confirms his/her agreement and acceptance to abide by the following rules and regulations when registering for the event.

    2. The Participant’s age will be deemed to be his/her age on the day he/she registers for CIMB CYCLE 2018.

    A. Men’s Elite (Open to all Elite Athletes)

    B. Men’s Open (15yrs - 35yrs)

    C. Men’s Junior Masters (36yrs - 45yrs)

    D. Men’s Senior Masters (46yrs and above)

    E. Women’s Open (15yrs and above)

    Pro Cyclist, Continental Team, State & National riders including ex-National riders who have retired 3 years or less, from the time of registration, are only allowed to register for the Men’s Elite category.
    If any participant fails to comply with the conditions stipulated above, the participant will be disqualified immediately, and any wins in individual / team / challenge category will not be recognized.

    A. Men (15yrs and above)

    B. Women (15yrs and above)

    C. Mountain Bikes (Open to all MTB Riders)
    Remarks: This category is opened to PUBLIC. Pro Cyclist, Continental Team, State & National riders including ex-National riders who have retired 3 years or less, from the time of registration, are not allowed to participate in this category.  


    A. SPRINTER (1 Location)

    B. KING OF MOUNTAIN – K.O.M (2 Locations)



    i. A minimum of 6 participants are required to register for the Team Challenge. 

    ii.There is no limit to the number of participants in each team. 

    iii. The timing results of the top 6 Finishers from each team will determine the best team performance time for each team.  

    iv. Participants must be from the same registered team.

    4. Once registration has been completed, there will be ‘NO REFUND’ of registration fees to any Participants, for any reason whatsoever. 

    5. Registration is strictly non-transferrable. Participants are NOT ALLOWED to transfer their ride entries to another party or change ride categories once they have registered. Participants are NOT permitted to ride under another participant’s name or participant’s number under any circumstance. 

    6. Participant’s Number: All participants will be provided with a number plate, a body and a helmet number. The number plate needs to be affixed to their bicycles properly. Number plates are not allowed to be modified, cut, folded or defaced. 

    7. All participants must follow the designated routes and abide by instructions given by traffic marshals and officials appointed by the Event Organizer throughout the Event.

    8. The distance and the route for the ENDURANCE and CHALLENGE categories stated on the official website: www.cimbcycle.com  (“Official Website) are subject to change, pending regulatory approvals. The distance and duration for the Endurance and Challenge categories are approximate, and the Event Organizer reserves the right to change the distance if necessitated by circumstances. 

    9. All participants are covered under a basic complimentary Personal Accident insurance by Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad ("the Insurer"), as approved by CBB. This insurance coverage shall commence from the official start of the race till the end of the race. Each participant will be covered as follows :-
    • RM1,000 for MEDICAL EXPENSES 
    The above is subject to standard policy terms, conditions and exceptions as stipulated by the Insurer.

    All claims need to be submitted within fourteen (14) days from the accident occurrence date with the completed claim form and supporting documents. Any payouts are subject to assessments and approvals by the Insurer. 

    10. The Event Organizer and CBB reserve the right to amend any of the Rules and Regulations from time to time as they deem fit. Notification to the Participants in respect amendment of the Rules and Regulations shall be effected on www.cimbcycle.com ("CIMB Cycle Official Website"). The Participants acknowledge and agree to access CIMB Cycle Official Website at regular intervals to view the Rules and Regulations and to ensure that he/she is kept up-to-date with any changes or variations to the Rules and Regulations.

    11. The event organiser and CBB reserve the right to change the registration deadline without prior notification.

    12. Registration is on a first come first serve basis, subject to valid payment of registration fees.

    13. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event at any time without prior notice to the Participants, in which case the Event Organiser will make effort to inform the Participants prior to the date of the Event. If the Event has to be cancelled or postponed, there shall be no refunds of fees paid unless the Organiser deems fit to give a refund and the Event Organiser shall not be held liable for any damages, loss or inconvenience caused.

    14. There will be no refunds available if the Event is cancelled for reason of force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Event Organiser or acts of God which renders it impossible or unsafe to hold the Event.

    15. The Event Organiser reserves the right to amend the Event race routes as the Organiser deems fit for the safety of the Participants and/or to prevent any potential hazards in the running of the Event, at any time without prior notice to the Participants. In such cases, every effort will be made to inform the Participants prior to the date of the Event. The Event Organiser shall not be held liable for any damages, loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes to the Event race route.

    A. Green Sport
    Cycling is a green sport.

    i.All participants are reminded that the event route passes through areas of wildlife, mother nature historical sites and reserves. Littering and throwing rubbish or water bottles along the route is not allowed.

    Participants, support car team members, appointed officials for the event are prohibited from engaging in indecent behavior including but not limited to urinating in front of public or at places of worship (mosques, churches or temples). 

    B. Bicycle Requirements

    • Endurance Ride Category – Strictly Road bike. No TT, Fixie, Mountain and Folding bikes, and aero extensions allowed. 
    •  Challenge Ride Category – Road bike, Mountain Bike (Min. 1.75 inch tyre) and Folding bikes (Min. 20 inch wheel). No TT and Fixie bikes, and aero extensions allowed. 

    The Race Marshals have the rights to remove any participant whose bicycle is deemed unsuitable from the race.

    C. Starting Line

    i. Participants must be present at the start line at least 15 minutes before the start of the race of the ENDURANCE and CHALLENGE categories. 

    ii. Disposable Timing Chip will be given to each Participant during Race Pack Collection. Should a participant lose the timing chip, that participant will not be ranked in the final timed result.

    iii. Wearing a helmet is MANDATORY. Participants are not allowed to race without a helmet.

    iv. Sleeveless jerseys or attire is prohibited.

    v. Participants are not allowed to draft or pace along with support cars or public vehicles. 
    D. Road Safety

    i. Only the left hand side of the road will be closed during the race. All participants especially drop participants are reminded to keep to the left during the race.

    ii. Participants who are not able to keep up with the race convoy shall ensure their own safety by following the road and traffic laws.

    iii. The Event Organizer will arrange for Traffic Police support and Race Marshalls to assist in traffic control and safety measures. Each participant is reminded of the importance to practise safe riding to ensure their own safety and the safety of other participants. 
    E. Cut off Time

    i. The ENDURANCE ride category will start at 7:15am (Malaysian time)
    • The cut off time for the Endurance category @ 160km is 7 hours. The last rider needs to cross the finish line by 2:15pm, to be entitled for the Finisher’s Medal.

    ii. The CHALLENGE ride category will start at 7:30am (Malaysian time)
    • The cut off time for the CHALLENGE category @ 90km is 4 hours. The last rider needs to cross the finish line by 11:30am, to be entitled for the Finisher’s Medal.
    Remarks: For safety reasons, if the Event Organizer and appointed officials decide that participants are unlikely to complete their ride within the stipulated cut off time, the Event Organizer and appointed officials will divert such participants to the designated points for the BROOM / SWEEPER pick up arrangement. (The cut off time limit stated at each designated Water Stations is provided in Clause H below)
    F. Support Car

    i. Only registered teams consisting of a minimum of 10 participants are allowed to have their own support car. The Event Organizer will provide an official support car sticker. Only support cars with the official support car sticker will be allowed to follow the race convoy. Any support cars following the race convoy without the official support car sticker will be stopped from following the race convoy immediately.

    ii. The order of support cars will be based on first come first serve basis.

    iii. Individual participants are not allowed to have their own support car.

    iv. The Event Organizer will provide 5 Neutral Service Support Car to assist participants during the race.

    v. All support cars, must have their car head lamp turned on when following the race convoy.

    vi. All support cars must follow road and traffic laws. The support car should always keep to the left side of the road unless the rider requests for any assistance.  The support car can only overtake when the rider is calling for feeding or mechanical assistance. 

    vii. For safety reasons, support cars are forbidden from any sudden stops or emergency brakes during the race. 

    viii. Should a support car need to overtake big peloton to get to their rider at the front of a peloton, the support car must first receive clearance from the chief commissaries car and overtake with the assistance of the traffic marshals.


    ix. All support cars are not allowed to cross the finish line and shall divert at least 50-100m before the finish line.
    G. Support Car Regulations

    i. Support cars must always follow behind the commissaries car.

    ii. Mechanical assistance is only allowed to take place on the left side of any service road or emergency lane.

    iii. All repairs must be done in stationary mode. On-the-move assistance along the race route is strictly prohibited. Feeding is only allowed behind the commissaries car.

    a. Participants must drop behind the peloton for feeding.

    iv. Should a peloton consist of less than 15 participants, the support car will be allowed to feed their rider in front of the commissaries car.

    v. STICKY BOTTLES are not permitted for feeding. Participants will be immediately disqualified if spotted by commissaries. 

    vi. Should a rider breakaway or if there is a drop rider, and there are no commissaries cars present, the support car is required to follow behind their rider. Participants are reminded that no pacing, drafting or pushing is allowed. Participants will be immediately disqualified if spotted by commissaries. 
    H. Neutral Service Function

    i. Neutral service will be provided to all participants.

    ii. Neutral service car will be divided into 4 sections: 1. from the starting line to check point 1, 2. from check point 1 to check point 2, 3. from check point 2 to check point 3 and 4. from check point 3 to finish line.

    iii. Neutral service will also provide feeding (water & banana) and mechanical assistance should any repairs be required.
    I. Sprint / KOM / Water Station

    i. WATER STATION @ KM38.5 Banting. (Time Limit: 8.45 am)

    ii. SPRINT @ KM77.6 Morib.

    iii. WATER & FEEDING STATION @ KM88.5 Sungai Pelek. (Time limit: 11.00 am)

    iv. KOM No. 1 @ KM102.6 Bukit Pelanduk.

    v. WATER & FEEDING STATION @ KM123.7 Springhill. (Time limit: 12.30 pm)

    vi. KOM No. 2 @ KM129.4 Sendayan.

    vii. WATER STATION @ KM144 Kota Sierramas. (Time limit: 13.30 pm)
    J. Broom Wagon (Sweeper)

    i. The Event Organizer will provide a tail lift truck or a lorry to pick up any participants facing mechanical problems or drop participants that have exceeded the cut off time.

    ii. The broom wagon will follow the last rider in the race convoy.

    iii. The broom wagon at designated water stations will assist to pick-up any participants who have exceeded the cut off time at the designated water stations.
    K. Medic & Ambulance

    i. 4 ambulances with paramedics will follow the ENDURANCE ride category convoy and 1 ambulance with paramedics will follow the CHALLENGE ride category convoy during CIMB Cycle 2018.

    ii. Below are a lists of nearby hospitals or clinics: 
    • Klinik Kesihatan Salak Tinggi 
    • Klinik Kesihatan Kuarters KLIA
    • Nilai Medical Center
    • Hospital Banting
    • Hospital Putrajaya
    • Klinik Kesihatan Lukut
    • Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Pelek
    • Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban
    L. Finish line

    i. Participants are not allowed to turn back or cycle against the race flow after crossing the finish line. Participants are required to go straight to the resting area in the paddock area.
Corporate Partners:

Official Partners:

Official Suppliers:

We wish to announce that the CIMB Cycle 2018 originally scheduled to take place on Saturday, 21st April 2018 has been postponed to Saturday, 7th July 2018. The venue and time of the race at Sepang International Circuit remains unchanged. The decision to postpone the event was made due to the scheduling of the 14th General Elections.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Should you choose to remain registered for the event and participate on 7th July 2018, no action will be required on your end.

If you wish to opt out of the race and cancel your registration, kindly contact Cyclomotion at enquiry@sports360.my or +603 4142 1333 with your name, booking number and bank account number no later than 30th April 2018 to initiate a full refund. Refunds will be processed within two weeks via bank transfer.

Kindly note that requests for cancellation that are received later than 30th April will not be processed, and refunds will not be granted thereafter.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We thank you for your support and look forward to riding with you on 7th July 2018.
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